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Welcome to the MediaStax website, home of the MediaStax TV box. With this smart TV box you can directly watch movies and TV shows. The following screenshots give an impression of how the box transforms your TV into a full media centre:

The small box is very versatile, yet easy to use. No need to order movies or TV shows, no need to download them first to a (USB) harddrive and no monthly service fees. Just select the online video and it will play on your TV. The video will stream, this means that the video will not be stored on a drive, just like YouTube content. The internet is your, practically limitless, source of video content. This all for no extra monthly service fee. The purchase of the box will give your TV experience a huge upgrade.

IPTV option

The boxes are fully IPTV ready. This means that you can add a MediaStax IPTV package to your box for a selected period (1, 3, 6 or 12 months). This package consists out of thousands of international TV channels from countries all over the world, including premium movie, sports channels. But also a large video on demand package with movies and TV shows, all user friendly to browse in the specially for MediaStax developed user interface.

You can apply for this added service on the IPTV page of this site.

The hardware

MediaStax offers two types of hardware. Both boxes are small, quiet, fast and easy to place near your TV. The main difference is the performance due to the stronger processor and l internal memory.

The MediaStax X96 Box Kodi Linux Box

(64Bit Quad Core, 2.0GHz, 2GB/16GB)

Technical specifications

  • CPU: 2.0 GHz 64 Bit Quad Core S905X Amlogic Cortex A53
  • GPU: Mali 450 Penta Core 750 MHz (supports 4k @60fps and h.265 aka HEVC, VP9 4k and HDR decoding)
  • OS: Linux, including Kodi Krypton 17.6
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3 RAM + 16GB eMMC Flash
    Expandable via:
  • USB sticks and/or
  • external hard drives (until 1TB) and/or
  • MicroSD cards (until 128GB)
  • WIFI: internal (b/g/n), 2,4GHz
  • Ethernet (internet via cable): 100 Mbps
  • Connections:
    • HDMI 2.0,
    • AV connection, for stereo audio connection
    • 2x USB 2.0,
    • 1x MicroSD card slot,
    • 1x optical audio
    • 1x IR port to connect optional IR Receiver Extender cable (available for 5 Euro’s). Enabling to place the box out of sight, for example behind the TV.

The software

Android vs Linux

The box runs smoothly on an optimised version of Linux with the latest stable release of Kodi: version 17 (Krypton). This software configuration results in a far better experience and stability than the Android software that comes originally on the box. Android is not made for the TV and the original software that was installed in the factory in China only had the purpose of putting a known brand on the boxes to increase sales. Qualities as stability and performance were not a factor in the original software installation. That’s where I come in. I replace all software and install everything needed to turn this box into a fully loaded media center: ready to use and to stream anything directly from the internet.

MediaStax proces

Now, what’s Kodi exactly? It started out as an open source project to turn a hacked first generation XBox into a mediacenter. Actually the previous name of the software was XBMC and it stood for XBox Media Center. This project attracted a huge worldwide community of talented software developers adding everything they thought would be great to have on your screen in the living room. Now, many years later, Kodi has outgrown its original platform and runs on many devices. I’ve been looking for a long time for the ideal device for the living room: small, quiet, fast and fully functional. The box I offer is the best, most reliable platform currently on the market, especially in combination with my software configuration.


Now installing Kodi alone is not enough to directly gain access to all kinds of online content. It needs to be configured with all kinds of add-ons which allows it to do so. I’ve added many add-ons which make this possible and configured all settings in such a way that you only need to connect the box to your power, your TV and your internet and you are good to go! The following overview is a selection of add-ons which are supplied on the box:

  • Venom
  • Scrubs V2
  • Seren (works only when a paid Real-Debrid Premium account is added to the box)
  • Gaia (works only in combination with a Real-Debrid Premium account)
  • YouTube

The box is optimised to work together with Real-Debrid. This paid, but cheap (16 Euro for 180 days), service enables the box to access the best possible quality streams for movies and TV Shows. Often BlueRay and 4K quality streams are available and high quality surround audio. The box can be used without this upgrade, but not all offered free streams will work and you might need to try a couple of found streams per chosen movie or episode. This will require a bit more patience.

Service, support and updates

Over MediaStax

I’m an electronics and software expert with a general passion for movies and TV shows. I’m also a native English speaker and have lived and worked abroad. I’m an expert on media centers and I have been working with the Kodi/XBMC software for about 10 years. On top of that I’m an expert on any technology the internet has to offer.


My goal is to share my optimised TV experience with others. I’m not interested in moving boxes merely for profit. I want people to genuinely enjoy their time behind the tube. I guarantee that the boxes I offer work without problems and that video streams smoothly without stuttering, glitches and audio problems which can occur with other (Android, Apple or Raspberry Pi) boxes or sticks on the market. In case there is a problem, no worries: I support my customers 24/7 and make sure they can keep watching the content they love.

I make sure that I keep up with the latest software developments and all boxes are equipped with the MediaStax Box Updater functionality which can be used to update all software on the box as soon as MediaStax releases a new software version. These updates cover: Kodi version updates, add-on packages, IPTV functionality and all other settings and configuration of the software. The add-ons released for Kodi have on average a short life and regular updates are a must.


When purchasing a box, you get the latest software including the latest updates and tweaks. The box will update all add-ons automatically. I’m aiming to support these boxes for a long, long time. And when needed I can upgrade your Linux and Kodi software for no extra charge.

For the fixed price of:

  • MediaStax X96 Kodi Linux Box:  90 Euros
  • Including IR Receiver Extender cable: 95 Euros

you’ll be a happy owner of a MediaStax box. You can pick up a box on appointment in The Hague, not far from the international area. Or I can send it by mail.

Feel free to contact me directly using the following form and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

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